Condo Insurance in the Carolinas and Georgia

Since your condo association in the Carolinas and Georgia has a master policy, condo owners don’t have the same insurance coverage needs as homeowners. This doesn’t mean that condo insurance isn’t essential. Don’t think that just because there is coverage from your master association that you are fully protected should anything happen.

Condo insurance in the Carolinas and Georgia is designed to meet the unique coverage needs of homeowners to provide coverage for personal belongings and liability coverage for your risks as an owner. You also want to have protection for any upgrades you have made to your condo.

Available Coverage Options

A condo insurance policy will generally cover specific items and scenarios. An agent at Will Johnson Insurance Agency can help explain your particular coverages.

  • Dwelling Coverage: If a loss that is covered causes damage to the unit’s drywall, fixtures, cabinetry, or improvements that are part of the building within your unit, this insurance pays up to the policy limits.
  • Personal Property: Similar to a homeowner policy, you will also have coverage for your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothes, and dishes. The coverage amount will be what you set.
  • Loss of Use: If there is a covered loss that damages your condo to the point where you can’t stay there, this coverage helps to pay for your additional living expenses.
  • Personal Liability: Accidents happen, and if someone is visiting your condominium and gets hurt, you are responsible for the injury or property damage. Personal liability coverage protects against claims or lawsuits.
  • Medical Payments to Others: If an injury from someone visiting your condo requires medical attention, then this coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses.
  • Loss Assessment: If your association charges an assessment against you, this coverage can help you cover it.

There are additional coverage options available, depending on what you need for your situation in the Carolinas and Georgia.

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